Stoneleigh-Park Triumph Show 2006

Sunday morning greeted us with heavy rainfall - typical. We had not seen any significant rain for a week or two, and today it chooses to show up. Our exhibitors and members however, are made of stronger stuff and the rain would surely not prevent them from getting to the kick off show in the Triumph calendar.

Kevin our Chairman had arranged meeting at my house at 07:15am to travel with me to the show in our Volvo Estate carrying the usual show gear. On route to Stoneleigh on the M40 we both spied a Red TR7 convertible cruising along in the distance, it was Mike Satchwell who had agreed to display his wife Sheila's car. We sped past him in the flashing the hazards as we went by to say hello! Mike told me later when he arrived at the show that he thought we were indicating there was something wrong with his TR – sorry Mike. If there had been a problem we would have pulled over and stopped to help honest!

When we reached Stoneleigh –Park around 08:15am, we found Steve Thomas already on the stand with his time-warp 27.000 mile TR7 yellow fixed head 'Victory Edition' replica.

Steve also owns WAC275S an ex-development TR7 V8 car now converted to rally car specification - the car Steve originally intended to bring to the show. Unfortunately the rally replica was not ready in time, so Steve brought along his victory car as a worthy substitute. Steve had also brought along his computer set up with a rally game which incorporated WAC 275S as the car on the circuit!

The Stand had already been assembled by Paul Setchell, our local show support on Saturday afternoon. Paul supplies and erects the backdrop for both the NEC and Stoneleigh shows for the club, ensuring a professional appearance. Mike Satchwell arrived a few minutes behind us and he quickly started cleaning down his very wet TR 7 Convertible, I could tell he had prepared the car immaculately as the rainwater collected in beads on the waxed paintwork. While we were waiting on the arrival of our third vehicle - Guy Brinton in his Grinnal TR V8 convertible, I added a few finishing touches to this year's stand, 25 year anniversary decorations were placed on the backdrop and cars, finally our Drivers club Flag pole was put in place. Guy eventually reached us with minutes to spare - he had been taking it carefully, with so much power to let loose the car can get a bit lively in the wet! All vehicles in place and looking good,  the yellow seven on pole position to draw the crowds supported by Mikes immaculate red convertible and Guy's modified performance 'bling' machine for the power hungry punters, we were ready.

As it was raining still, the public were let in a few minutes early and immediately the place was heaving. We were busy from the off and Steve's rally game was an immediate hit, providing live entertainment for all.

Soon our usual suspects, sorry I mean committee members, arrived, Jim Johnson, Roel Van Es, Rex Holford, Ian Tinsey and Chris Turner swelling the ranks of our team, adding to our expertise on the show stand. We also had many members coming on to chat and pay us a visit.

By the time I looked up it was nearly 1:30 pm, the time had really flown. I took a quick walk around the traders before returning to our stand, which was still busy attracting lots of questions and attention – perfect.

At just before 4:00 pm the show officially closed and within 15 minutes our stand was disassembled – we really are getting slick at this now. The show cars and their owners were thanked and bid farewell, before Kevin and I climbed into the Volvo to drive home. On the way we passed Mike Satchwell again, this time on the A46, I flashed the hazards again –oops.

Yet another successful show was over, concentration is now firmly on our National weekend (1st and 2nd July) and after that the NEC Classic Motor show (27th to 29th October)

Thanks again to all of our members who contributed to the success of the show, Paul Setchell for setting up ands especially the vehicle owners, Guy Brinton, Steve Thomas and Mike Satchwell for supplying some top quality cars for the public to view.

Phil Humphries


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