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The TR Drivers' Magazine, is issued bi-monthly, and is jam-packed full of articles, features, and useful information. As of March 2012, Andrew Poynter has taken over as the Editor, as Val McMillan has decided to step down after a massive 12 year period. In such time, the magazine has gone from strength to strength, and the Club owes her a debt of thanks for the great effort she has put in over the years. Thanks also go to Andrew for stepping in, and we wish him success in his new role.

Among the regular items of interest, are articles by our Early Car Registrar, along with those by the TR6, TR7 and TR8 Registrars. There are always useful tips, and ideas of things that may need doing, and how to do them! Members also send in tales of their experiences in buying, rebuilding, and caring for their cars.
The Show Co-Ordinator keeps us all well informed about any shows that will be of interest, around the country. We are always well represented at most of the Classic Car Shows, with local areas putting on a good display, and these, in their turn, are reported, usually with photos, in the Magazine. There is almost sure to be an Area Meeting near to you, ranging from Scotland, England, Wales, and down to Cornwall, and many places inbetween.
Area Secretaries, (there are almost thirty of them around the country), send in reports of their 'Social Scene', which gives members an idea of what is going on locally, and it is especially great to have been somewhere, done something, and then see your name in print.
The TR Drivers' Club is truly international, with contacts in the United States, Europe, and Australia. It is good to hear from other countries, and know that TRiumphs are doing so well at home and away.
We also have Regalia, Designerwear, and TRiumph related books for sale, and these are featured within our pages, along with a special section for any member who wishes to buy or sell his car, and/or parts.

Alongside all of this, we have many advertisers, including such names, as Rimmer Bros., Robsport, Footman James, and are always happy to put in Stop Press items. A new feature of the magazine has been articles about the advertisers, which are always very interesting.
In these days of high technology, most of the input comes by email, and in its turn, the copy goes straight to the printers' the same way. So there is always a pretty quick turnaround.
There is something for everyone, and a contact number for most things within the magazine's pages. Members eagerly await the next issue.

The TR Drivers' Magazine really is the voice of its' Members.

Andrew Poynter -
Tel. - 01622-871932


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