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It’s your A to Z collection of technical hints, tips and procedures on how to maintain your TR. Unlike lots of workshops, and friends that know alot, this is open 24 hours a day, all year round. To enter the ‘TR Workshop’ just use the A to Z index below.

If you have a great hint, tip, procedure you’d like to share here, just send me an e-mail, gregory_cassar@hotmail.com

The Small Print...
All data here has been submitted by TR enthusiasts, but please note, the TR Drivers Club accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the data and will not accept any liability for the consequences of following any of the procedures.

TR Tips

[Bonnet Release Problems]
[Rev Counter Conversion]
[Window Winder]
[Windscreen Fitting]

News from TR Tips
15th June 08 - We’ve opened the doors! It will take time for the articles to come in and be placed. So, we are really in start up mode and need your input.... send the articles in, as soon as you can. Many thanks, Greg


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