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What a superb weekend. The weather was just right for a wonderful weekend of TR mania! It all start on Friday afternoon as the die-hards and organising team arrived to ensure all was set for the mass arrival of TR’s from all over the country.

We arrived at around 3pm which me plenty of time to pitch th 6man tent... and boy did I need it! It was a nice relaxing start to the weekend, a chance to chat to fellow TR folk and meet up with friends we only get to see on an annual basis. Friday night was a relaxing BBQ at the tent... with several beers!... to ease the stress of tent pitching, and the A34 traffic jam!

Saturday saw a cloudy day, but still nice and warm. Kept the shorts on! Helped Simon hammer in a few direction signs and just as well. The TR’s just kept rolling in all day long! The road run took place in the afternoon and fun was had by all taking in the lovely Northamptonshire villages and scenery. We also had the odd visit from a Smart Car or two... they want to see what ‘real’ cars looked like close up! Only joking... I thought they looked quite fun. Saturday night saw the Quiz Night. It was a close run thing... and those 90 odd photos of cars!!!... great challenge... and I thought I knew them all....  NOT! More beers were had by all, which was a great aid to sleeping under canvas.

Sunday was a sunny spells sort of day and got very hot in the afternoon. Even more TRs turned up and the huge collection of TR8’s for the TR8 Day started arriving. By Noon the field was full of TRs. The Concours cars were all set up for judging around noon. The quality of TR’s, on display was remarkable. It was difficult to spot where the Concours Cars started and finished. You’ll see from some of the photos below.

I managed to catch a few moments and run round the field taking pictures. Here are just a few and I will try to follow them up with more, over the next few days.

It was just a superb weekend of all things related to TRs. In fact, a weekend is just not long enough! So many people to talk to and cars you want to see.... roll-on the National 2006, book your place early its going to be be jam packed again!

All the Best, Greg  - 5th July 2005

A real eye-catcher from Stanstead!

A Very Unique TR6 - Reg has done some wonderful things to this car!

The ‘Wilkinson Sword’ TR7 - a prize car, with history

The Coca-Cola TR7 - Special exterior, with a Levi interior - Wonderful!!

A pair of 6’s - Does that get you another throw of the dice!?

US meets UK - Two unique and original 6’s from the Hampshire Area - Yes, the one on the left is mine! :-)


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