...the Webmasters Report!

We’ve just returned from a great weekend at the TR Drivers Club National Weekend, held at Skreens Park, Roxwell, Chelmsford. It’s 3 hours since touch down... we’re fed, unloaded, and kids in bed! ...wife now asleep on the sofa!

This years National has been a little different this year, due to the rain that just does not want to give up! That said, you can’t keep a die-hard TR owner from braving any elements to get their pride and joy on the road. So we got rained-off our usual time and location of Billing, Northampton, but a second venue was found and a new date. That was it it! Enough to get everyone rev’d up again and looking forward to a weekend of TR-ing.

Friday - A handful of us arrived on Friday afternoon. We had a great trip up from Winchester, top-down-ing it all the way. Not the most exciting roads... M3, M25 and M11... but a 4 year old does find the experience of an airliner right over your head quite exciting, when you pass Heathrow, and the tunnels on the M25 were great fun... fancy lights and the sporty note of the TR6 exhaust. We did a passenger swap for the second leg and Matthew, the 3 year old, did amuse a couple of young ladies in a red Corsa, when we got stuck in a jam! On arrival, once the tent was pitched, we had time to chill-out and stoke the BBQ! After a few beers and with the sun set for the day, Phil and Roel got a camp fire going and even did a little sing-song... featuring classics from ‘the Top 100 Scout Songs to be sung, when camping with your TR’!   ...an all time classic! Sleep... we all got some.. .apart from some snoring from the North and a couple of heavy showers!!

Saturday - More cars arrive. The weather starts to change.. more cloud and the odd shower. Some of us played pin the skirt of the big white tent thing! This was quite amusing... after several attempts and working out the puzzle of the wind and where to find extra skirts.. .we solved it! and were all set for the genny and ready for the quiz night and anything the weather wanted to bring on! The Scalextric was a hit again this year with a challenging 6 lane track! Gonna have to knobble that TVR though, it wouldn’t spin off, no matter how fast it was pushed!!

The quiz by Simon, again, was a fun challenge. Fun was had by one and all. Val’s team of Mastermind talent won the quiz... but was it with nine members in her team?! We’ll have to sneak in our friend Google next year! Beware :-)

The quiz was followed by another bonfire... no singing this time, I guess the quiz had taken it’s toll! Oh and lets not forget we did find time to have yet another BBQ, prior to the quiz... anyone for yet another burger!?!??

Sunday - This year due to the change of date, venue and that darn weather... lots of rain today! .... things were a little more laid back than usual. Everyone wrestled with wet tents in rain, trying to pack up. That said, there was still plenty of time to chat and meet new friends and old, and look at the gleaming TR metal work. My hat goes off to our friends from the TR Register, who paid us visit over the weekend, with four TR3s. I think we all know what it’s like with soft tops, especially the older ones, they can be prone to a little watre intake, from time to time. My 6 took a little on board, but it’s a big boy and always drys out! So, to see these early cars was a bonus. Maybe we’ll see you next year... with more friends?

Enough of my ramblings, I’m sure I’ve missed stuff out.. but I’m getting sleepy! A great weekend, roll on next year!!

Greg Cassar
Hampshire Area, TR6 Registrar ....and web fella!


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