TR Drivers Club National Weekend, 2011
Billing Aquadrome!

The theme this time will be the 30th Anniversary 1981 -2011

TR Drivers Club‘s national weekend is booked for 8th, 9th and 10th July 2011

A National Weekend working group has been formed to organise the events during the weekend. Simon Bryan, National Weekend Co-ordinator, will be supported by John Clancy, promoting this event in the classic car press. In addition Howard Griffiths has also been asked to do some special regalia for the 30th anniversary of the TR Drivers club so not to be missed.

Key members are responsible for planning events both inside and outside the marquee; their plans will be presented and finalised at the next committee meeting at 2pm, Saturday 21st May 2011, at Rothersthorpe Village Hall.

There will be the usual Saturday night events organised by Simon Goodrich along with the usual music to close the evening.

There will be the ever-popular run on Saturday afternoon, and again we are adding the option of a smaller run on the Sunday depending on take up, as people who only come to the event on the Sunday always miss out.

Plans are still moving apace and I’m sure there will be lots to do, I’ve a feeling that this one is going to be good so don’t miss it . . . with or without a TR.

Booking Code – To advance book, please contact Billing Aquadrome on 01524 781 453 and quote code TRD11

Simon Bryan


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