TR Drivers Club National Weekend, 2016 - 1st to 3rd July
Billing Aquadrome!

Another successful annual gathering!

2016 is going to be the year of the Rally Car, So if you have a rally car - or even a replica - this is your year to shine at the National.  2016 will also see the return of the ‘Harris Arms’, which will feature the TR-Bar stocked with a selection of beverages to quench your thirst over the weekend.

Once again, buy a TR Drivers mug and get free tea or coffee all weekend!

As this is the year of the Rally Car, and with the help of John Clancy, we’ve managed to arrange for a special guest speaker, Brian Culcheth. Brian was a British Leyland Works Driver from 1969 to 1977, during which time he secured many successes in a wide variety of British Leyland vehicles such as Triumph Dolomites, TR7, and even Marinas. After the quiz Brian will speak about his time as a rally driver, with particular focus on the TR7 and this will be an excellent opportunity to hear about and see our cars in their rallying prime. The ‘Harris Arms’ will be suitably themed to celebrate the rallying performances of the TR7 cars, which were crewed by Brian Culcheth/Johnstone Syer and Tony Pond/Dave Richard.

After their success at the Bright Light City run in Blackpool last year, Garry Yorke has arranged for a professional Scalextric circuit to be available at Billing for the whole weekend.  Once you’ve got the lap record on the Scalextric your next contest will be the Spark Plug Challenge, a race again the clock to see who the Spark Plug Master is! There will be a prize for the winner of both events. Other aspects will remain unaltered from previous years – a Saturday afternoon Road Run, a Saturday evening Quiz and, of course, an informal concourse! This year the TRDC-National is set to be one of the best ever!

Simon Bryan \ Garry Yorke


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