Auto Choke Repair

A problem I had on my RHD Green TR8, was with the auto choke, it came on, but only after the engine got hot on a run out, and I could never figure out why until now.

So, to help anyone else with strange auto choke issues, there are teeth inside on a plastic pivot type bit of plastic. As the engine warms up the system/extra fuel drops back with a bi-metallic coil a tooth at a time until it’s locked the choke fully off! However, if as is the problem here, the teeth have pretty much worn away, it never locks in the off position, so the choke stays on! Equally without the teeth it doesn’t activate when you depress the accelerator either as it can't lock in place until heat activates the spring and then of course you don’t want it on!

Fortunately, I got hold of some NOS Stromberg’s from a Land Rover with the auto choke system fitted, so a fairly easy swap out with the carbs still in place if a bit fiddly at times. For those who complain the choke stays on, this pretty much after 40 years may very well be the issue. YELLOW pivot is new unit – GREEN pivot is old unit with worn teeth.

The video clip shows the teeth engaging as they should!

Richard Connew