Finding the Right Club

If you have recently purchased a TR, or maybe have owned one for some time, you may now be thinking it is time to join a club.There are hundreds of them out there, and it can be quite a task trying to find the club that is absolutely right for you and your car.

Assuming that you now have a TR, anything from a TR2 to a TR8, you will find there are several clubs devoted to the marque. All perfectly acceptable, and it is not our intention to put down any of the others, far from it, we heartily approve of inter-club activities.

The TR Drivers Club was formed in the 1980s. The idea at first was to dedicate it to the TR7s and later TR8s, but we found that earlier car owners also wanted to join, so right at the very beginning almost, we welcomed the whole TR range.

This club is run by volunteers, and is definitely not geared to making a profit. We think of ourselves as a family rather than a business, and there is always somebody available to give help and advice if needed.

Among our members are many enthusiastic driver/owners who have rebuilt, refurbished, and even restyled their cars. Our Registrars know more about TRs than possibly anyone else, and they are always more than happy to share their knowledge and give tips and pointers to restorers.

We publish a quality bi-monthly magazine, which has regular articles by the Registrars who include Early Cars, TR7s, TR8s, Rally, Sprints, and Grinnalls. There is a lot of social activity which is reported by area contacts, and a special juniors section, where the off-spring of members can write in and tell us of their adventures with Mum's or Dad's car and also enter competitions. We have several expert photographers who also send in pictorial records of their expeditions. Any member is most welcome to tell us about how they found their car, what they have done to it, with it, etc., and lots more.

There are advertisements from the top companies in the TR world, so the information you need to source a part is only as far away as your latest magazine. We also have insurance companies, who will give a discount when you mention your membership of the club. This can be quite considerable in some cases.

Another section is devoted to cars and parts for sale, and even sometimes to cars that are wanted. We have Regalia, and can source any books you may require.

One of the points about owning a British Sports car, is that they are FUN, and I hope that when you have had a browse through our web site, you will see that this is so. We are always represented at the top classic car shows, at Birmingham and Stoneleigh, and elsewhere around the country. Every one is welcome to attend any of the smaller shows, and display their car. Be warned though, this is quite addictive and could lead to most summer weekends being fully booked up!

So if this introduction has inspired you to join us, then please use the "Membership" drop-down on the front page, and I think you will be surprised to see just how little it costs to join the "friendliest car club".

We look forward to hearing from you.