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TR7 TR8 Gear Gaiter Finisher

Remade to replace your decayed or missing original, available in alloy or hard rubber/plastic. A great finishing touch.

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£12.50 plus p&p

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This book is a hardback book written by Andrew Poytner, containing 224 pages printed in full colour on 150grm silk-finish paper. It contains no 'technical' information, but rather is a collection of humorous stories all relating to the Wedge, and Wedge-ownership. As the name suggests - it's a Celebration of the Seven, and how it has touched people's lives in a varied number of ways! Some funny, some tragic!

£27.21 plus p&p

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Various TR DVDs
from John Clancy

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TR7/8 Labels and Front Panel Badge
from Brian Ridley-Jones

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